Eden Organic: BPA-free

The FDA is finally furrowing its brow over an issue that our Canadian and European neighbors acknowledged far earlier: the potential health risks of BPA (bisphenol-A), a compound found in plastic bottles and packaging.

The government will be funding new research into links between BPA and a host of human diseases and conditions, including its “potential effects on behavior, obesity, diabetes, reproductive disorders, cancer, asthma, heart disease and effects that could be carried from one generation to the next.”

BPA is found in the can linings of every brand of canned food except one: Eden Organic.  In 1999, the founder of Eden Organic grew concerned about the health effects of BPA and switched to lining his company’s cans the old-fashioned way, with vegetable resin.

We started buying Eden Organic canned goods awhile ago — before we knew they were BPA-free — just because we liked the quality of the food.  But learning that they were BPA-free was a recent, happy surprise!

Only one store in our town carries Eden Organic.  If you are interested, you can search for the Eden Organic retailer closest to you here.

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2 Comments on “Eden Organic: BPA-free”

  1. nancy says:

    Thanks for the tip. Found Eden Organic at Whole Foods and bought several including a can of lentils, which I’ve always made from dried, I’ve neverbefore seen them canned.

    • The Golden Bee says:

      Good deal! We’ve never seen their lentils before — only their varieties of beans (black, navy, kidney, etc…). Let us know what you think! We are fixing to order cases of their whole and stewed tomatoes, since our local store does not carry them. I’ll report back. =)

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