Six Months!

Six months along!  I am loving being pregnant these days — the second trimester is a joy.  Recently, I was asked, “What has been your favorite part of being pregnant?”  My answer: sharing my body with the baby.  When I eat nutritious foods, or go on long walks, or do prenatal yoga, or get a good night’s sleep, or breathe deeply, or laugh with happiness, I love to think that each action helps make my body a good home for the baby, nurturing him or her, helping him or her grow.  I adore feeling the baby move: the nudges and bumps, the rolls and — for the first time this week — hiccups, all of which serve as wonderful reminders that the little one is indeed with me, and doing well.

Matt and I have decided to wait until the birth — near the New Year — to learn the baby’s sex.  It has been a wonderful decision for us!  We love the mystery, the not-yet-knowing.  In the modern world, so often we demand instant answers to our every question, but delayed gratification, and the wonder and anticipation that attend it, most certainly have their merits!

In anticipation of taking many future baby photos, Matt and I splurged and bought something we’ve wanted for a long time: a digital SLR camera.  (All my other photos on the blog?  Yep.  Point-and-shoot.)  We are still learning the ropes, but are having lots of fun in the process!  This afternoon, we took this backyard shot ourselves and are quite pleased.  Next time, we’ll remember to hide the remote control. ;)

Hoping your September is off to a wonderful start!

10 Comments on “Six Months!”

  1. nancy says:

    You are glowing, Laurie! Matt, you’re as handsome as ever. Looks like the photo was taken by a professional, which proves how artistic you two are — you know about backgrounds and how to pose. I’m sure it’s a fabulous new camera, but don’t discard your ‘point and shot’, you do amazing work with it!

  2. Chris says:

    Looking great, Laurie! We’re so excited for you two…keep the posts and fabulous pics coming!

  3. Cristina says:

    It looks like you’re doing great! Hope everything still being good until the end.

    I don’t think I could like to be pregnant at all.. :D


  4. Jane says:

    Absolutely beautiful! So wonderful to be on this journey!

  5. BE says:

    You are beautiful ~ Motherhood suits you!

  6. Bee says:

    How absolutely beautiful you both are! You make my heart smile with joy! Happiness and Peace to you both.

  7. Chris & John says:

    Great picture! We agree with all the adjectives! Glowing, beautiful, handsome! Love to you both!

  8. Elizabeth R. says:

    Beautiful picture, Laurie, You must have coordinated your blues! Love your references to Fall on your blog. If last weekend is any indication, it’s just about upon us!

  9. EcoAce says:

    These friends speak my mind.

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