The Pumpkins

Halloween.  My favorite holiday!  Two pumpkins this year: one classic, and one with child!  (The pattern for the mama belly pumpkin can be found here).  I love that baby, all aglow.  Happy All Hallows’ Eve from me, Matt, and our little pumpkin!

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5 Comments on “The Pumpkins”

  1. Uncle Aric says:

    Awesome pumpkin, Laurie! Can’t wait to meet your little pumpkin either!

  2. nancy says:

    hApPy HaLlOwEeN to you !! What a totally cool and extremely creative Jack-o-lantern. We love it.

  3. jana says:

    It is so pretty I want to hug it! And, – is it just me, or is the pregnant pumpkin so lifelike it even has a protruding belly button? And the glow? Oh, my… the glow! (I am quite new to this whole pumpkin scene, but I know this one is the winner of 2010 fall season in my book.)

    • Laurelin says:

      You are right — the pumpkin *does* have a belly button! Thank you, thank you for the compliments! I am glowing almost as much as the pumpkin. =)

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