Walking in Season: November 2010

Wow, what a month October was: a parade of family members in town throughout the month; the baby shower; and, in the last week, the excitement of life without indoor plumbing!

A week ago, the main water line to our house sprung big leaks, and the repairs — for various logistical and bureaucratic reasons — could not be completed until today.  From last Tuesday until just an hour ago, the water line was shut down, and we had no running water in the house.

If we had to be visited by such an adventure, this last week was an ideal time for it.  Two sets of friends/family were out-of-town, and their empty homes were open to us for showers, cooking, laundry, and the filling of large tubs of water to haul back to our house for toilet-flushing the low-tech way.  To these kind folks, we say: THANK YOU!

But now it is November!   This month, everywhere around us, the natural world begins to slow and settle in for the long winter ahead.  The trees drop their leaves… the nights lengthen… the days become cool and crisp… the plants offer up the last of their fruits… the animals stock up and hunker down — including many of us humans!

This month is a wonderful time to follow Mother Nature’s lead:  simplifying, drawing in, shifting our focus from outward to inward.  After the bustle of summer, we partake of this season’s quieter pastimes.  As we warm ourselves by the fire, or stand stirring at the stove, or sit stitching in the lamplight, our minds find space and opportunity for introspection and reflection.

And, hopefully, around the fourth Thursday of the month (for us Americans, anyway), we also find opportunity to be thankful for all the good that our lives hold!

Less than two months to go before the little one makes his or her debut — we can hardly believe it!  Today, we had a raft of errands and a faraway prenatal appointment, so we admit: November’s Walking in Seasons photos were taken October 31st, to ensure they got taken at all.  Blue skies reigned both days, however, so we’re confident that yesterday’s shots are near-perfect representations of November 1′s path.

Complete set of Walking in Season photos here, all by Matt.

Stop 1.  The leaning tree trunk in the center of the photo finally fell!

Stop 1.5. Sing along, everybody: “Muuuuuuuck on the wa-ter, and glare in the sky-yy.”

Stop 2.  It’s strange but true: I like the wetland much better without green leaves.

Stop 3.  Leaf by leaf, the canopy falls.

Stop 4.  This stop is the most-transformed each month, I think — even the changes in the last three months alone are impressive!

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3 Comments on “Walking in Season: November 2010”

  1. jana says:

    You know I am a big fan of Walking in season, but this part of your post kind of overshadowed it a bit:

    “This month is a wonderful time to follow Mother Nature’s lead: simplifying, … our minds find space and opportunity for introspection and reflection.”

    How true, and how easy to forget.

    By the way, sorry to hear about your water trouble. Our water got shot off yesterday for 10 minutes (!) and I was freaking out. (In my defense, I had just finished slicing fish fillets and had nothing but milk or gin to rinse my hands off. So, yeah. A bit of panic.) You are a true trooper for making it a whole week!

  2. Sarah Reilly says:

    I love looking at the walking photos. :-) Williamsburg is so beautiful in the fall! Do you have a polarizing filter? They’re not very expensive for most lenses, and would often prevent pictures where the sky is washed out. Lens hood also can be worthwhile!

    • Laurelin says:

      Thanks, Sarah! These photos were taken with our little point-and-shoot, for consistency across the year, since it’s the camera we started out with at the beginning of the year. In January 2011, we’ll switch to our digital SLR for the Walking in Season photos for better picture quality! Matt’s got his eye on a lens hood… But we have so many baby things yet to buy, it might have to wait! =)

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