Secondhand is Grand

Yesterday, my mother and her partner arrived in town for a visit: a Southern stop on their grand new RV adventure.  With them, they brought the gift of a dresser from their old life.  It’s a perfect fit to the baby’s new life.  The filling of the drawers has already begun!

For children’s clothing, Matt and I are big fans of secondhand goods in 100% cotton — so many great deals to be had!  Since we’re waiting until the birth to learn whether the baby is a boy or a girl, for now, unisex clothing is the name of the game.

We are actually thankful for this gender-neutral requirement!  In a world so full of beguiling baby goods, it keeps our preparatory spending in check, and ensures that much of what we buy can — with luck — be used again for baby #2 someday.

In our shopping, we’ve also been limiting ourselves to clothing for the very first weeks and months.  Some of the most frequent advice we’ve been given by other parents is not to stock up on too many baby clothes ourselves, as they are a gift that the baby is likely to receive in abundance!

When we were in upstate New York recently, we took advantage of two consignment shops there: this one, where you can peruse big bins of onesies priced at 3 for $1, and this one, which just expanded into a huge new retail space bursting with fantastic stuff.

Back in Williamsburg, I made a trip to this giant twice-yearly consignment sale and found some wonderful things.  (Next stops on the consignment shop list: Sugar and Spice in W’burg and the hip-hip Clover in Careytown in Richmond.)

And with that, the baby has the beginnings of a wardrobe!

My favorite item so far: a little onesie printed with dragonflies and honeybees and lines of text that include this one:

Let’s wander through the woods

A sentiment near and dear to my heart!

Traveling Through the Season

Last week, we trekked to upstate New York to take care of some PhD-related business (a special committee meeting for me) and to visit with old friends.

Traveling the route between Virginia and New York in September is seasonal time travel of sorts.  The journey north is a fast-forward to autumn in full swing, and the journey south is a rewind to early fall.  In Williamsburg, the air is still heavy and warm, and the fall color is just beginning to emerge from within the vast green canopy.  In Ithaca, sweater-weather has arrived, and the hills are a mosaic of red and green, yellow and brown, and a whole spectrum of oranges (my favorite).

We had a really wonderful trip.  My meeting went very well (more on that later, perhaps).  We did lots of catching up with old friends, lots of playing with and baby-sitting of the adorable offspring of said friends, and lots of stomping around our old stomping grounds (more on that later, too).

And, just as my third trimester began, we fit in a 4.5+ mile hike through Robert H. Treman State Park, up the Gorge Trail to Lucifer Falls and down the Rim Trail to the Lower Falls.  Funnily, our best photos from the hike involve neither of the big falls nor much fall color.  So, I offer this shot by Matt: a little falls into a deep pool, along the Gorge Trail.  Quiet and lovely.  A beautiful place to begin the final three months — the last season — of this pregnancy!


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