Spring Gifts

Yesterday, spring gifts arrived in the mail from my mom-in-law, and oh, how wonderful they are, and how thankful I am!

Not long ago, a cousin of Matt’s married a wonderful and talented woman from Cyprus, Yianna Georgiadou, who creates gorgeous — may I just reiterate?  gorgeous — jewelry in silver, copper, and gold.

Ever since her Etsy shop, Cherry Tree Metals, opened last year, I’d been regularly perusing her collection (which updates frequently), unable to decide between all the beautiful pieces.

But when recently she added the Seven Leaves Necklace and Hammered Leaf Earrings to her offerings, I knew they were the ones for me!  And Matt’s mom, bless her, decided to add them to my Easter basket.  Thank you, M.!

The necklace photo above was snapped by Matt and shown on me, but this photo of the earrings (The earrings!  I will be wearing them every day!) is from Yianna’ shop, taken by Laura Wolfe of White Lotus Photography in Lawrence, Kansas:

So very, very pretty!


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