Basking in Autumn

Last Sunday, we went for a walk with our families along our favorite trail.  The day was sunny and warm, and in the wetland, the turtles were out basking, soaking up the sun’s rays before a long winter underground.

Turtles cannot make their own body heat, so they sunbathe to raise their body temperature.  The warmth allows them to better digest their food, rid themselves of parasites, and (for females) develop their eggs.  And, it turns out, like us, turtles need ample sunshine to manufacture Vitamin D for healthy bones!

The large turtle in the middle, who held out its hind leg in a reptilian arabesque, was particularly charming.

Sunbathing turtles seem to be on the minds of folks across the country at present.  Case in point: this post over at Learn.  Make.  Think. — a great blog worth checking out!


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